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Bloodlines (Bloodlines (Richelle Mead))

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead After falling in love with the whole Vampire Academy series, I was excited to start reading Bloodlines. I like how this series is completely different from VA but it still feels familiar. All the characters in this series played minor roles in Vampire Academy and it's great to get to know them better. Sydney Sage is an interesting character. At first she seems a bit pretentious but the more I got to know her the more I liked her. It seems like a lot of readers don't really like Jill Dragomir, but I think she's a decent character. She's young, therefore at times she comes across selfish and immature but her behaviour develops throughout the book. The character Eddie reminds me slightly of Dimitri. He takes his job as guardian very seriously. And of course there's ADRIAN!! He is the best character in this whole book. He comes across as superficial but he is anything but! Adrian is a complex character and I love hearing more about him.I really enjoyed this book but the reason I don't give it 5 stars is because it deals a lot with real world human stuff. The reason I loved Vampire Academy is because how fantastical it is. It brought me into another world where Vampires and magic exist. Bloodlines does have elements of this but it's mixed in with the human world. Either way, this book is a good read and I recommend it for fans of vampire novels.

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